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Kiddies Ahead provides children with an invaluable opportunity to develop second language skills, early on in life in the familiar and comfortable setting of their nursery or primary school. Nurseries and Primary schools can offer the unique opportunity of offering children a second language to babies and young children.

We believe that the best time for babies to learn languages is as soon as they are born. Learning a second language can also expand your child’s future educational and employment options for later life.

Our interactive lessons are exciting, engaging and educational which helps to develop babies’ general communication skills and attention spans. Our tutors are very experienced in delivering fun, enjoyable language lessons equipping children with the skills to learning a second language.

Offering these amazing, extra curriculum activities will make your educational establishment stand out from the rest. Babies and young children taught by us will have a head start when studying languages, the same or other languages at GCSE level. Sign language classes develops babies non-verbal communication skills, which encourages them to confidently express themselves.

We are able to provide flexible tutoring arrangements such as daily, weekly, to fortnightly and monthly sessions. Parents and children can learn together with our private tuition