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About us

Four months after giving birth to my daughter, I spent my time like most mums looking for exciting things to do with my baby. Being a new mum, I found it challenging at first to go out but I really wanted my daughter to start socialising with other babies.

One morning we went to a local sign language group for babies and that day I saw a completely different side to my daughter. She was so excited being around other babies but what really shocked me was how my daughter was engaged with the activities. She seemed to really enjoy being taught.

With the sign language going so well, I eagerly began searching for other activities. I’ve always been embarrassed going on trips to Spain, not being able to speak a sentence of Spanish even though I claim to have learnt it at school. So I arranged for a tutor to come to my home and teach my daughter Spanish. To my amazement, she enjoyed this as much as the sign language class and 14 months on, my daughter greets her tutor by saying ‘Hola!’.

I’ve learnt from doing lots of research that babies are expert language learners, as they are wonderful absorbers of language, which actually begins in the womb. So I started Kiddies Ahead to give every child the opportunity to be a bilingual baby!